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Payne Industries has the surveying experience, project management capacity and right equipment to handle all of your surveying needs.  We have implemented control standards and regulatory know-how to ensure our work-product meets or exceeds industry standards of quality and integrity. Our experts have performed route, easement, boundary and topographic surveys throughout the State of Texas.  We have also participated in the statewide booming energy, governmental, commercial and residential developments.

Oil & Gas Surveying

Oil and gas have been an important part of Texas for generations now. Payne Industries utilizes technical quality control standards to provide you with all the industry-related land surveying, GIS and mapping needs you may require.

Municipal Surveying

We provide all aspects of surveying and mapping services for municipalities and other government entities throughout the State of Texas. These services include route surveys, design surveys, easement surveys, aerial acquisition, research, specialized reporting and more.

Design Surveying

Payne Industries utilizes the latest technology to provide detailed design surveys for engineering design. We also utilize UAV (Drone) technology to provide our clients with recent aerial photography to make their project complete.

Drone (UAV) Services

Payne Industries offers complete UAV aerial surveying services, including ortho-rectified imagery, topographic design, pile volume calculations, as-builts, and weekly or monthly site evaluation progress flights for construction.

LF Surveyed - Midstream Oil & Gas

Acres Surveyed - Upstream Oil & Gas

Payne Industries is an authorized dealer of GeoMax equipment. Excellent equipment contributes to excellent surveying results. Contact us to learn more

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