There are a variety of land surveys that serve numerous purposes, from identifying property boundaries to recording land features and typography and more.

Texas property owners rely on licensed land survey services to help them map and document their land, whether simply resolving a boundary dispute or planning a major construction project.

Below, these are the types of surveys that Texas land survey firms complete for land owner clients and their purposes.

1. Boundary Surveys

One of the most common land surveys performed by surveyors is boundary surveys that search for and measure property perimeters.

These basic surveys begin with historical property research to identify previously documented boundaries and markers, then a field study is done to locate those markers and measure off perimeters.

These are common when confirming property lines is necessary for building purposes, to confirm property ownership, or to resolve boundary disputes.

2. Location Surveys

Location surveys performed by land survey services are also very common, as they are necessary to identify documented paths or plan for the future placement of pathways.

These include locating right-of-ways and property easements, placement of or planning for property improvements like utilities and drainage, road placement, and anything else that is or will be positioned on or along a property.

3. Title Surveys

Title surveys, also known as mortgage surveys, are those performed for the purpose of documenting property lines, property features, and any structures to generate a report for title companies and mortgage lenders prior to the completion of a real estate sale.

The detailed, researched reports provided by land survey firms confirm that there are no trespassing or boundary conflicts on the land, that all zoning and building laws have been adhered to, and that all easements are accessible.

Title surveys are required as part of the real estate sales process and as a condition of gaining financing and title insurance.

4. Subdivision Surveys

Required by local governments, these land surveys are essentially a combination of boundary and location surveys done in the pre-planning stage of dividing up a parcel of land to build on.

Subdivision surveys identify property boundaries, easements, and land features like drainage and natural elements, plus interior boundaries and places where drainage, streets, and other improvements will be installed.

These plans must be approved by local zoning and planning boards before further development can begin.

5. Topographic Surveys

Topographical surveys are those a land survey firm performs to identify the shapes and features of a parcel of land such as elevations, drainage and water runoff, ditches, embankments, fences, walls, and other natural and man-made elements.

These surveys are then used for site planning, as developers address topographical land features to improve them or incorporate them into the building plan.

6. Site Planning Surveys

Site planning surveys are a combination of boundary as well as topographical surveys and are used to plan out land development projects like residential neighborhoods, commercial buildings and centers, public amenities, industrial sites, and more.

Using a report provided by a land survey service, land developers can present their site plans to zoning and planning boards for approval so the project can begin.

7. Construction Surveys

Construction land surveys are those done before, during, and at the end of a construction project to track progress and ensure all construction is happening according to the documented site plans.

These surveys document the placement of buildings, roads, utilities, and other land improvements, then provide necessary instruction for completing the project.

Land Survey Firms Are Essential To Texas Land Projects

Whether buying a property, confirming boundaries, or working on a complex land development plan, land survey services are instrumental to the process.

No matter what type of survey a Texas landowner requires, a licensed surveyor can assist them.

Discuss plans with a respected land survey firm to pave the way for a successful land sale or construction project!

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