Survey services are out in the field all year long performing a variety of land surveys for different clients.

In Texas, survey contractors may deal with several challenges in accessing properties to perform their assessments.

Based on the different site conditions that survey companies may encounter, the time required to complete a survey can vary greatly.

Clients anticipating the completion of their surveys must understand the different conditions that can affect how these assessments are done and how long they will take.

1. Poor Weather Conditions

Extreme weather that is common in Texas can interrupt a survey service from being able to get their work done quickly, delaying the process.

Heavy rains, strong winds, and even extreme heat can all result in disruptions in equipment functioning or just the ability to work at the survey site until conditions improve somewhat.

2. Challenging Terrain

Many survey contractors encounter difficult terrain, whether that includes steep slopes, rocky hills, swampy wetlands, or other challenging land.

This may require them to adjust their plan for executing a survey and resort to drones and other equipment to complete their assessments.

3. Inaccessible or Disputed Locations

Some locations that must be reached by a survey company to perform their surveys might be inaccessible due to security fences and other barriers or access might be challenged by a property owner unwilling to provide access.

In all cases, a workaround to gain access to the property must be sought or some other method of completing the survey used.

4. Safety and Health Risks

Survey services that encounter difficult terrain, endure poor weather conditions or enter properties that are dangerous in other ways are all exposed to physical risks that could leave them injured or ill.

Avoiding these risks requires good planning and for surveyors to use appropriate safety and protection gear as needed.

5. Technological Issues

Problems with the specialty technology used to perform surveys can leave survey contractors dealing with onsite issues from time to time.

In addition, it is essential that surveyors keep their technology updated and invest in the latest and most current equipment to perform surveys faster, easier, and more accurately.

6. Legal, Cultural, and Historical Site Issues

Before attempting to access any piece of land, survey companies must determine whether any legal issues must be addressed first so there can be legal entry onto the property.

Similarly, it is imperative to learn whether a site is considered a cultural or historical location and if so, the steps that must be taken to protect it.

7. Environmental Challenges

Survey services may be required to enter lands that are either protected environments or contaminated ones.

In either case, impact assessments and techniques to protect natural ecosystems are required and safety protocols to prevent injury or spreading contamination are necessary.

Experienced Survey Contractors Are Ready For Common Surveying Challenges

The technical work performed by experienced survey contractors is a carefully executed process that requires great detail and skill.

A part of the job is encountering different challenging conditions that make completing surveys more difficult.

An experienced Texas survey company that has dealt with these challenges before has the knowledge and expertise on how to circumvent them and get the job done as quickly as possible!

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