Surveys are an essential part of the Texas land-buying and development process.

Whether purchasing a residential building lot or acreage for agricultural or commercial use, surveying services are a necessary step to map out land boundaries before land development and use can begin.

There are numerous assessments performed by survey companies to accomplish this.

Depending on the type of property, the intended use, and other factors, any of the following surveys may be necessary.

Category 1: Land Surveys

Category 1A Land Title Surveys and Category 1B Standard Land Surveys are the two most common surveys done for any reason.

1A is an inspection required to complete a legal real estate transaction or refinancing for title insurance purposes, as it is a comprehensive mapping of all land boundaries, corner markers, and monuments, and includes a certified map of the property.

1B is a less comprehensive boundary survey that is not used for any legal purposes, but only to identify property lines, rights of way, and other points on the property.

Standard Land Surveys were previously known as Category 4 surveys before being reclassified into Category 1 for simplicity.

Category 2: Route Surveys

When a survey company must identify a path of some sort such as a right of way through a property, they perform a Route Survey.

These may also be necessary for identifying or planning an easement, pipeline, electrical service line, canal, or other path.

Category 3: Locative Surveys

Also called a layout or stake-out survey, a Locative Survey is one done by a surveying service to map out a construction site before work begins.

This preliminary land assessment documents the size and shape of the land, basic land perimeters and corners, and the location of any land features and structures on the construction site.

Category 5: Construction Surveys

A Construction Survey is performed before, during, and after the completion of a construction project as a means of tracking progress and ensuring the project is completed according to plan.

These surveys include an initial Locative Survey and may also include a Slab Survey to assess the position of a foundation after it is constructed to confirm that it is in the right place.

Category 6: Topographic Surveys

A Topographic Survey performed by a survey company is done to create a topographic map of a parcel of land during the project planning stage.

This map is then used to plan and diagram things like elevations, flood control and drainage, water runoff, landscaping, and other elements that must be worked around or installed as part of the building project.

Category 7 and 8: Horizontal and Vertical Control Surveys

Horizontal and Vertical Control surveys are performed to establish a reference point for all other surveys done on a property.

These essential assessments are done so that surveying services can identify latitude and longitude coordinates as identified by the Texas Plane Coordinate System and National Geodetic Survey to use those coordinates as ground point benchmarks for all other surveys.

Category 9: Investigative Surveys

Investigative Surveys are performed to determine the exact location of certain elements in relation to each other as a means of understanding how their locations can affect certain occurrences.

They are used to predict and mitigate the effects of natural disasters, assist in accident litigation cases, and determine property encroachment of existing elements.

Category 10: GIS/LIS Surveys and Products

Geographic Information System (GIS)/Land Information System (LIS) surveys are those done to aid in the creation of maps and geological databases.

These assessments document topographical features, natural features, boundaries, man-made objects, and other elements.

Experienced Surveying Services For Land Development Projects

Before any Texas real estate transaction or land development project can commence, there are a variety of surveys that must be completed to protect all parties involved.

An experienced survey company is a necessary asset for identifying legal boundaries, locating natural and structural features, and so much more.

Property and project owners should discuss their plans with a respected surveying service to learn which surveys they need for their project to avoid serious errors that could threaten the whole thing!

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