Boundary surveys are one of the most common types of land surveys performed by surveyors in Texas.

As with all other types of surveyor services, they are performed at specific times, typically to locate and document property lines.

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What Is A Boundary Survey?

A boundary survey is a relatively simple land survey that is performed specifically to measure property lines.

It does not measure or record any other land characteristics or variables other than the lengths and positions of property boundaries and perimeters.

These surveys are among the more basic of those done by surveyor services and are fairly inexpensive and used by property owners of all types to find and confirm property perimeter lines for ownership and zoning reasons.

When Should Surveyors Be Hired For A Boundary Survey?

Since boundary surveys document only measured property lines according to known coordinates and existing markers, there are only a few instances where they are used.

Boundary surveyors are hired most often by title companies to confirm property lines on a land parcel prior to finalizing a real estate transaction.

They should also be contracted by property owners or land developers to confirm property boundaries and adherence to zoning laws before any residential or commercial construction project is approved.

Individual property owners may also arrange these surveys to confirm property boundaries and resolve common neighborly disputes, such as when installing a new fence.

How Are Boundary Surveys Done?

To complete a boundary survey, surveyor services begin by first researching the property through deeds and other local historical records to find the recorded geological coordinates of that land or other noted landmarks.

After that, they go to the property and locate existing markers that indicate corner points, after which they can measure the distances between them.

The actual field work performed for these surveys is straightforward and quick, though the actual time required depends on the size of the property being measured and the complexity of the perimeters.

Most boundary surveys take between a few days and a few weeks to complete, with a written survey report returned to the client.

An accurate boundary survey is instrumental for preventing costly errors with development projects as well as avoiding potential legal issues related to incorrectly identified property boundaries.

Get Boundary Surveyor Services From A Licensed Surveyor

In most states including Texas, land surveys are required before selling a piece of real estate or beginning any type of land development or construction project.

Boundary surveys are among the most requested land surveys and are usually the starting point when other, more detailed and definitive surveys are also required.

Anyone looking to purchase property, confirm their property’s perimeters, or start a new development project should work with boundary surveyors who are state-licensed and familiar with the state’s geological service as well as local zoning and surveying requirements.

An accurate boundary survey performed by a professional surveyor service is inexpensive protection for property owners!

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